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Asta Laxmi Set - Wood Craft

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Shakthi, or the creative and energetic force of the Divine, is described in Hindu traditions as being inherently feminine, manifesting in a variety of forms, with each displaying unique qualities. 

Being one of these manifestations, the Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu,and is worshipped by Hindus as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. As prosperity exists in a variety of ways, so too does Lakshmi, who bestows specific types of wealth through eight unique forms, known collectively as Ashta Lakshmi. 

1)Adi laxmi where Adi means ‘’first’’, Adi laxmi is said to be her primordial form,through which she helps a person to attain life foremost aim-freedom from cycle of birth and death.

2)Dhanalaxmi which literally means wealth,not only in monetary terms but also includes willpower,courage and perseverance 

3)Dhanya laxmi, dhanya means “blessed,” and as life would be impossible without food, Dhanya Lakshmi blesses devotees with the great fortune of agricultural wealth

4)Gaja Laxmi,Worshipped as the “giver of animal wealth,” Gaja Lakshmi was traditionally of deep importance to farmers whose cows and bulls would provide dairy and till the land

5)Santana Laxmi,traditionally prayed to by couples desiring children.she symbolizes fertility.

6)Veera laxmi,A symbol of bravery and valor, Veera Lakshmi blesses worshippers with the strength required to overcome obstacles on the path of one’s material and spiritual life. 

7)Vidya laxmi,as vidya means knowledge, this is the form of Lakshmi that helps guide one’s intellectual development.

8)Vijaya Lakshmi, whose first name means “victory,” is a significator of success, instilling devotees with hope and inspiration.  

Though Lakshmi’s forms are distinct, her encompassing nature is that of a nurturing and protective mother whose wealth is considered to be boundless. She gives to devotees what they need, while at the same time encouraging them to work hard and persevere.

Material : Wood
Color : Multicolor
Dimensions  : (10X10x18)Cms
Weight : Less than 1500g
Brand : Kondapalli Gifts - Kondapalli Bommalu
Regional Speciality : Andhra Pradesh


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