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Rajahmundry Rose Milk Syrup

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Rajamundry Special Rose Milk 73 Years Old Recipe

Hello Food Lovers, We are having one of the famous tasty rose milk from the city called Rajahmundry. "ROSEMILK" was started in 1950. It's a delicious drink available in & around Rajahmundry. Buy online from our website.

A rose milk syrup has made from 100% organic blossoms. This homemade rose syrup for milk contains no artificial colors or preservatives and has a lovely golden hue because of its natural ingredients. Manufactured with equal quantities of water and sugar and then infused with the petals of rose flowers, this is a floral sweet treat for anyone who loves the taste of roses.


Rose, Water, Sugar

Health benefits

Rose syrup for milk has made of rose petals which are rich in fiber, which can improve gut health and smoothen bowel movements. Moreover, rose milk syrup can help with bloating and acidity because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Product storage

Milk rose syrup has to be stored in a cool and dark after unpacking. Rose syrup is best before 6months from the opening date or date of manufacture.

Nutritional Facts


Nutritional component

Amount per serving


8 g


207 Kcal


9 g

Total carbohydrates

25 g



Trans fat


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