Contact for any Enquiry: 9133451199   Kondapalli Gifts are the toys made of tella poniki wood in Kondapalli of Krishna district, a village nearby Vijayawada in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Thatha Garu Bamma Garu

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Every renowned craft has a few timeless classics that we keep coming back to generation after generation. The Kondapalli bobble-head toy is one such classic, constantly at the top of its game. Fun and cheerful, the lavish use of bright colour elevates the playfulness of the toys. Every household in the rural parts of South India displays a Kondapalli bobble-head toy in the showcase, making it the face of Kondapalli Bommalu. This piece comes with two elaborately dressed bobble-head toys with cheerful grins on their faces.

  • Handmade by Kondapalli Artists-Kondapalli Gifts
  • Sourced directly from artisans of village
  • Light-weight wooden toys
  • Delivered within 10-days of online purchase

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